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First foray into the blogosphere

Well, hello there.  I am not a social media type, but here I am blogging.  Does it end up being the same thing? I guess I will see if my ‘privacy meter’ shoots into the red in the next couple weeks.  I may be a short-termer, but in any case, you will not get any full stories, here. Just bits and pieces of life at The Ligthhouse and in the beautiful sub-Saharan, African culture of Lusaka.

We have been working with our church at a local children’s village.  It is, quite literally, a village (enclosed behind a wall) for abandoned and orphaned children from infants all the way through to University-age.  While my boys work with the youth, I help with the children.

I have been enjoying the singing-ignition-quality of these African children.  I am used to kids whose flame peters out if the adult-leader stops singing or leading.  These kids are like a cluster of match-sticks.  The teacher gives a little spark by saying, “What is that song?” Whoosh…ignition. There are always three or four children who begin singing the moment the words are out of her mouth.  Within a few seconds, the whole group is lit up in song (and rhythm) with strong voices.  And they are not short-little matches, they are like those long ones that come in the round tin – they keep on singing and singing – moving from one song to the next.  So fun for my singing-loving nature.