Seeking Hearts Foundation

What We Do

We are a community of Christians seeking to aid the handicapped children in the country of Zambia.  Eventually, we hope to provide medical care to our community in the Kasupe area of Lusaka.

Picture of The Lighthouse


The mission of the Seeking Hearts Foundation is to be a vessel of God’s love as we provide support for the accommodation needs, medical needs and spiritual growth, as well as supporting the training in knowledge and vocation, for the impoverished, abandoned, and orphaned children with disabilities in Zambia.  While maintaining its primary focus on children with disabilities, SHF desires to be a good neighbor to those in their community.

We have purchased an acre and a half of property in a rural area outside of Lusaka where we are building a home for handicapped children.  We have named this home, ‘The Lighthouse’.  Elizabeth Trautman relocated to Lusaka, Zambia in June of 2021 to run the home and eventually a rural hospital/clinic, as well as a school for the children of The Lighthouse.  


The aim is to enable the children to become mature children of God, to become more functional in daily living skills, as well as in a vocation with which they contribute to the support of The Lighthouse or their community.


As many stories of life begin, the way this one started is not how it finished. Elizabeth was born and raised in central Washington, had a full life in a large family, was a business owner and was active in her local church.  In 2018 she was invited to come to Zambia to teach at a newly formed college. After a time of fellowship and consideration, and growing certainty, she felt compelled to go. More to come….


Elizabeth Trautman

Elizabeth Trautman, who lived her first forty six years in the U.S.A., is a naturopathic physician and a midwife. She ran a practice in Moses Lake, Washington for fifteen years, before hearing a call to move to Zambia to care for children with disabilities. Currently, she is serving as the Executive Director of Seeking Hearts Foundation and runs The Lighthouse.

SHF's Board of Directors

A wonderful group of people who work cheerfully and diligently to facilitate the mission of Seeking Hearts Foundation. From the left: Jeanette, Luke, Simon, Ackwell, Jeff, (and Elizabeth)


Seeking Hearts foundation is a non-profit organization formed under the articles of incorporation of ZAMBIA and guaranteed by the Church in Moses Lake (Washington State), which is a 501(c)3.

We are, also,  a certified NGO (non-governmental organization) and in-process for a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) registration in ZAMBIA.

We are advised and underpinned by a board of directors.


If you would like to support our work, we would be glad to have you enable our hands and feet in Lusaka, Zambia.  The funding is sent through the church in Moses Lake so as to decrease the amount of red tape on the Zambian side. One hundred percent of what is ear marked by you for Zambia is wired to the Seeking Hearts account in Lusaka.  At the end of the year, you will receive a tax receipt from the Church in Moses Lake.